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About Me

Growing up, I spent a lot of time running around outside with my siblings and playing sports . Throughout my early 20's, I continued to be active in sports. When my husband and I moved to North Carolina, I took up hiking and camping.  


Being active and outdoors is my happy place. I love exploring and having outdoor adventures. 


I believe that being strong and active can be fun. But I also know that it can take effort and requires some diligence and motivation, as well perseverance for the times that get tough. Those are things that I hope to help clients with.

I also love good food! My mother instilled a taste for healthy food in us. It fueled our activities as children, and I still believe in eating food that nourishes my body for daily life and fun endeavors. That said, I still think that food needs to taste good!


My desire to stay active and healthy as I age led me to leave my software career after 35 years and pursue a degree in Health & Fitness Science. 

As I approach 60, I have have begun to come to terms with the litany of small indignities that aging throws our way. One of the main things I have discovered is that there is a big difference between staying active and having the core strength we need to age successfully. Exercises that served us well in the past may be different than those that we need to take us happily into our older years. 

I believe that it takes courage to keep going despite these changes and challenges. My hope is to share some of my experience and knowledge about health and fitness with you. 

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